Having a Wolf is Possible

The domestic wolves with which you can be sure that you will live as a family

What is a CRW Wolfdog?

A dependable, attached, affectionate wolfdog.

At Remember White we do not hesitate to castrate and remove from the breeding plan any specimen that does not meet the temperamental characteristics that we have set as a goal for 40 years: reliability towards the family.

Other breeders do not pay attention to these aspects. Look for a serious, sincere breeder, and ask if you could buy one of their puppies, bearing in mind that you have children at home. The honest ones will tell you that they do not recommend it. And those who tell you that there is no problem, ask them to contact you with other previous buyers who have that particularity. You will see that it will be very difficult for these things to come together.

It turns out that developing a genetic plan in this way requires time and investment. At Remember White we have donated a wolf to a biopark for which we invested more than US $ 10,000, because we were not convinced by his temperament, and we did not want to use him for our staff when he reached reproductive age. How many breeders are willing to lose $10,000 and three years for this circumstance?

In the following video you will understand what we mean:

Tanka, we can add little about this great arctic that has already become famous for its physical and temperamental characteristics. It was the wolf that saw Adur born, participating in the birth from two meters away and licking the newborn baby, in a Sioux ritual that says that «every child who is licked by a white wolf at birth will be protected by the Great Spirit». We can see him taking care of Adur when he was learning to walk, in a video below.

What is the value of a CRW Wolfdog?

Depending on the type of crossing, the values change. And it also depends on the colors and characteristics within the same litter.

In absolute terms, prices range from 1,200 euros to 4,000 euros or the equivalent in the local currency of your country. This price does not include shipping costs.

Any wolfdog of similar quality doesn’t go below $5,000, and most breeders don’t ship, you’ll have to travel to the United States to pick them up in person. Of course you can get low cost «wolf dogs» in Mexico, generally husky or malamute mestizos with something else, and whose temperament will be according to their careless selection. Remember White is the only cabin that has a group of owners where you can see videos and photos posted by their owners with their anecdotes of daily life, that is, testimonies that leave no room for doubt about the type of wolves we raise.

Worldwide shipping:

We have extensive experience in international shipments of our puppies, since our buyers are everywhere and we have been sending them their wolves for many years.

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The wolf is a master of social relations because it howls instead of barking

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