«Milei and the Awakening of the Lions»

The Disruptive Change that Shook the World

A change is approaching in all Western democracies and economies. Let us explain the reason.

You’re right about Milei’s growth in electoral preferences, but have you ever considered the reasons behind this surge? Understanding the social and technological causes of this phenomenon will allow you to grasp something fundamental: this isn’t just a one-time event; it’s a complete change of era. Democracy, as we knew it, is on the verge of giving way to a new era. It’s more participatory, more freedom-oriented, and more respectful of the individual. Everything you need to know is in this book.

«Milei, and the Awakening of the Lions» offers a meticulous analysis of the technological and social changes that propelled this disruptive candidate to surpass all established political machinery in Argentina. A phenomenon that is already being replicated in various countries, the consequences of which will have an impact comparable only to that of the French Revolution.

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Table of Contents

The Revolution of Freedom in the Digital Age
How Termites Build
A Web of Interests
When Journalism Interests Were Touched
Concerns of Argentine Companies
The Contagion Effect Worldwide
The Case of Palm Oil and the Power of the «Prosumer»
Why Milei Proposes Submitting Everything Congress Doesn’t Want to Approve to Referendum
Goodbye to Mass Policies, Hello to Individual Freedom
Thirst for Authenticity and Singularity
The Technological Revolution and 3D Printing
The Power of Data and Artificial Intelligence
Changing the Company-Consumer Relationship
The Challenge of Saturation and Mass Fatigue
Political Libertarianism and De-massification: The Personalized Revolution of the 21st Century
The Revolution of Personalization in Politics
The Era of the Individual Life Project
Libertarianism and Political Personalization
The Decline of the Statist Model in the De-massified Era
The Path to Political Success: Personalized Libertarianism
The Challenges of Governing in a De-massified Society: Seeking Consensus in a World of Individualism
The Proposed Solutions
Calling for referendums all the time doesn’t have to be expensive or cumbersome
Outdated Electoral Systems
Figures on Electronic Systems
The Evolution of Online Banking and Digital Finance
The Importance of Financial Applications
Impact on Trade and Production
The Biometric Security Revolution
Figures and Data on Transaction Volume
Semi-direct democracy can be achieved without significant constitutional reforms or costs
An adaptable referendum system for every situation
Inexpensive and without legal complications
Direct citizen participation generates discontent among opponents and journalists
Citizen Distrust in Legislators: An Insurmountable Gap?
The Numbers Speak: An Evident Gap
Frustration and Disconnection: Citizen Disillusionment
The Dilemma of the Costly Representative System
A Reality That Shouldn’t Exist
Towards True Representation
The Real Reasons Why Journalists and Opposing Politicians Complain About Milei’s Proposed Referendum Model
When Creative Energies Are Unleashed
Fair Resource Distribution
Headache-Inducing Regulations
Where’s the Competition?
Paying Taxes and Feeling the Impact
In Summary: Striving for Balance
A dog full of ticks can’t fatten up
In Argentina, wealth isn’t created; it’s transferred from one place to another, with most of it lost in the process
These are some of the tick species that the Argentine dog has feeding on its blood, but there are many more.
But the tick species don’t end here either.
Opening and Deregulation in the Menem Era: Deworming the Anemic Dog
Commercial Opening: Opening Borders for Prosperity
Deregulation: Unleashing Economic Potential and Eliminating Ticks
Sector-by-Sector Details:
Current Advantages Compared to the 90s
The Myth of Rising Unemployment Levels in the 90s
Refreshing Our Memory: Pre-90s
What We Can Expect from a New Process of Opening and Deregulation
A World in Need of Food:
Europe: A Changing Market:
Europe Challenges Its Own Subsidies:
Caution Among International Investors:
Argentina Leading the Way:
Challenges and Opportunities:
A world of opportunities within the food industry
Diversifying Agri-food Production: Transforming the Food Horizon
An Expanding Food Universe:
Technological Convergence with Agri-food Production:
The Revolution of Smart Robots in the Fields:
Transforming Food Printing:
A Growing Market: Animal Feed:
Genetics as a Catalyst for Change:
Future Perspectives:
Forging a New Food Era. Argentina doesn’t just have farmland on solid ground.
Genetically Modified (GM) Algae:
Potential Benefits:
Research Status:
Going Beyond in Job Opportunities
A New Dimension in Agriculture:
Cutting-Edge Technological Development:
Food Genetics for the Future:
Automated Underwater Farming:
Submerged Gastronomy:
Futuristic Projection Based on Current Trends:
The Submerged Agriculture Revolution:
But it doesn’t end with underwater cultivation; there are more opportunities beyond that
Various Food Producers:
Packaging and Marketing:
Research and Development:
What About Argentina’s Beautiful Sky?
Harnessing Wind Energy:
Abundance of Sunlit Hours:
Comparing Extension to Europe:
The Global Development of Energy Farms:
An Alliance Between Agriculture and Energy:
But if you think there’s only work for energy farmers in this field, you’re mistaken.
Milei’s Most Controversial Proposals
The Voucher System for Education and Healthcare
Optimizing Healthcare
Public Healthcare with the Voucher System: An Innovative Perspective
Organ Sales: A Liberal Philosophy on the Matter
The Right to Bear Arms
Is Milei Against Same-Sex Marriage?
Autonomy and Individual Freedom
Non-Interference of the State in Personal Matters
The Contractual Vision of Marriage
The State’s Role in Civil Affairs
Weaknesses and Vulnerabilities: When Speaking of «Right-Wing»
Fundamental Differences Between Liberals and Conservatives: An Analysis of Their Ideological Contrasts
Free Trade vs. Protectionism
Traditions and Modernization
Religion and Secularism of the State
State Intervention in Family and Society
Nationalism and Individual Freedom
Migration and National Identity
Argentine History Has Already Demonstrated It
The Argentine Political Scene in the 19th Century
Commercial Opening vs. Conservative Autarky
The Sin of Being Liberal
Freedom Isn’t Always Freedom Unless It’s Understood What Freedom Is
Regardless, the libertarian process is underway
The Awakening of Freedom: An Epic Journey Toward Emancipation
The Legacy of the Libertarian Flame
The Awakening of an Internal Revolution
The Era of Empowered Autonomy
The Awakening of the Lions: Unbreakable Strength
The Epic Continues: The Eternal Fire

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