Stop browsing the internet to find only trash

Internet has been filled with «experts» in wolves and dog wolves who never saw one from afar.
People who write articles in blogs, who post and even make «explanatory» videos about the American wolfhound, but who never had one or know anyone who had it.
This book is a product of 40 years working with wolves and wolfdogs.
Written by those who live with a pack, raising their children among wolves from the moment they were born.

Much has been written and talked on the internet about the American Wolfdog.

But reality is that practically nothing of what circulates is correct.
Most of who write blogs or make videos explaining the characteristics of the American Wolfdog, have never had one nor known anybody whose had one.

They copy and past and/or imagine and deduce without any experience on the matter.
This book is based on 40 years of research on the wolf and the wolfdog, and several years of coexistence with a pack of them.
We will talk about the different types of wolfdog that exist nowadays.
We will get into explaining what a race is, what endogamy is and its characteristics.
We will learn about the wolf ’s nature and the differences between them and domestic dogs of different specialized races.
We will tear down myths and will build grounded knowledge.
After this book, we will value the wonderful mystics of the wolf much more, and also their relationship with us.

Table Of Contents

• Preface – page 7
• The path from the wolf to the nowadays dog – page 15
• Perfect Management – page 21
• Races and Endogamy – page 25
• Different types of wolfdog – page 39
• Barks and Howls: Vibration’s magic – page 63
• Wolves learning twenty-four hours a day – page 73
• Feeding the wolfdog – page 91
• Our own pellets for dogs and wolfdogs – page 103
• Cares of the American wolfdog – page 105
• Particularities of the RW Wolfdog – page 111
• Norms on the tenure of wolfdogs – page 119

Adur was born near an Arctic wolf

This boy name is Adur, although in the networks he is nicknamed "little Mowgli". He was born at home with Tanka, the great Arctic wolf, two meters away, and was licked by him a few hours later. He learned to walk among wolves literally. If someone can talk about wolves and dog wolves, they are precisely those who know them in depth.

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(Spanish Version)

Dakota also grows among wolves

He met wolves before other people. His family were his parents and his wolves pack.

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